Siding Installation, Replacement and Repairs

Our installation professionals are craftsman, experienced in all aspects of siding installation and repairs. We are a leading provider of VINYL and CEDAR SHAKE installation, replacement and repair services. Siding can not only give your home a new updated look but it can increase the energy efficiency, reduce utility costs and increase the value of your home.

Whether you are redesigning or repairing we have replacement siding and trim for all your needs. We can give your home a face lift and we can update your older home with new energy effective materials. Good siding enhances the look and value of your home and can save you thousands of dollars on heating and cooling bills.

From the low maintenance dependability of VINYL SIDING to the time tested rustic appeal of CEDAR SHAKES we’ll help you find what is suitable for your home and life-style. An assortment of siding materials exist in various designs and colors. VINYL SIDING is the most popular siding material. It is cost effective and virtually maintenance free. It comes in many colors and textures to increase your home’s curb appeal and to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

vinyl sidingVINYL SIDING is a plastic made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It covers existing masonry or wood panel siding to prolong its life span. Today’s VINYL SIDING offers exceptional durability and weather resistance and it comes in many styles, textures and colors. We offer a variety of siding and soffit styles, colors, accessories and trims to add character to your home’s exterior.

VINYL SIDING offers many benefits that can save and enhance the appearance and value of your home:

  • Eliminates most maintenance: Instead of having to repaint your home, VINYL SIDING doesn’t need to be painted and you won’t have to replace rotting boards or shingles.
  • Increases energy efficiency: We first install a 3/8 inch insulation board which helps to insulate your home and increase the energy efficiency.

Our services include beautiful low maintenance high quality insulated VINYL SIDING installation that will give your home a freshly painted look for as long as you own it. It won’t scratch, peel or flake, making it almost maintenance free.

If the natural look is what you want CEDAR SHINGLES may be your answer. CEDAR SHINGLES OR “SHAKES” are an American classic building material that blends beautifully with wooded landscapes and waterfronts. Made of natural cedar, the shingles are usually stained brown, gray or other earth colors. SHAKES offer the natural look of real wood but generally require less maintenance than clapboard which needs to be re-painted periodically. CEDAR WOOD SHAKES are the most popular real wood siding material on the market today. In addition to its rich texture and natural-wood warmth another benefit to CEDAR WOOD SIDING lies in its durability. Natural oils work in this type of wood to resist insects and discourage the growth of mold and mildew. Although they are more expensive than VINYL, with proper finishing and maintenance, siding made from CEDAR WOOD SHAKES lasts for years, aging with graceful beauty over time.


siding repairsAlthough VINYL SIDING needs very little maintenance and repair there are situations in which VINYL SIDING can fade, crack, chip or split. If that happens we are able to repair or replace vinyl panels as necessary. Occasionally vinyl siding can be punctured, or its fasteners can loosen which will result in sagging or pulled panels. If this has happened to your home call us for competent VINYL SIDING REPAIRS. We will promptly assess the damage for you because it is very important to replace or repair worn and damaged siding before it causes structural damage.

We take care of many different repairs on VINYL SIDING. We can replace existing materials and/or install new to improve your home or businesses appearance and value. Minor damage on a siding panel may involve only the removal of the damaged part. If your home has damages to existing siding we may be able to patch it. To control costs we will salvage areas that have minor or partial damage. We can do sections or totally makeover the entire house. Some damages may be bigger and multiple panel replacements could be your best option. Our siding professionals have seen every kind of damage to all types of siding materials and we have the necessary experience to perform complicated siding repairs and replacement.

Each home and homeowner is different and requires individual attention. We work with each customer to help you pick the type of siding that is right for you to give your home a positive and lasting impression. We welcome the opportunity to help you protect your home investment with a siding that stays attractive for many years to come.

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